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Women Personality by Type of a Used Bra

What type of bra is the best you have? Demi bra, push-up bra or a bra wire? During this time you might not realize, if it turns out your favorite bra to 'talk' a lot about a person's personality.
This was also echoed by Jessica Santos, an expert bra bra from famous brand, Victoria's Secret. Indeed, when a woman buying a bra, not just the main function as a buffer breasts are a consideration. But also the appearance and comfort, and is not separated from the personal character.
Then how the image of the personality according to your favorite bra? Here's the answer.

Demi Bra
 Push-up Bra
Strapless Bra
Front Hook Bra
Padded Bra
Demi bra
Bra form is included in the classical category. With a half-cup and a rather wide straps, meonjolkan natural cleavage. This is very fitting bra everyday use. If this type of bra that you love, you sign a simple person.

"You do not feel the need to find a bra with a complicated model or make breasts become more prominent. You feel comfortable with what you have," said Santos, quoted from

You also really know how to adjust and appearance in various places. Simplicity also makes you not want to get involved in drama and people see you as a good woman.

Push-up bra
If the push-up bra wardrobe dominated inside, according to Santos, you're the type who likes diikontrol. This type of bra also show you one who likes to be center of attention and tend to be flirtatious. However, a very responsible individual.

"You have a very strong personality and knows what you want. Thus, it is difficult for others to reject you," said Santos.

Strapless bra
Wearing a strapless bra always make a woman feel sexier. If you love to wear it, you're the type of individual who likes adventure and willing to take. Especially, in terms of trying new things.

That's what so your appeal. But in terms of clothing choices, you tend to prefer the classical model.

Front-hook bra
Some women prefer to have a bra with a hook on the front. It shows the comfort personality priority in many respects. Like to do everything quickly, including wearing a bra and release.

Padded bra
You always buy the rather thick foam bra? If the answer is yes, we know you're a smart and pragmatic. So, you're always trying to find the best solution in solving the problem.

"Because this type of bra does not show cleavage, can indicate your personality that tends to be conservative," said Santos.