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Fascination of Women Who Make a Man Crazy

Women can be very tempting in the eyes of men. Not just because of the physical form, but also provoke his curiosity. Increasingly difficult to approach, more and have a strong appeal that makes him fall in love.

Sherry Argov, author of 'Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches'​​, saying that basically men attracted to women with a strong character, confidence, and have a dream. "They do not like women who need or frustration seem to find a partner," he said, as quoted Shine.

Female characters are strong and confident to challenge him. Remember, men love a challenge, and almost always enjoy the struggle conquer the challenge. "Women with a tendency that the characters 'fishing' and make him second-guessing and wondering, here's where the attraction is able to grow in love."

Men will lose the passion with a woman who is too often call or send short text messages, asking its existence and what is being done. Men also do not like the woman was too honest to be noticed and get called, or who want to frequently hear the words 'I love you'.

Argov said that the female characters are difficult to guess the key is able to make men crazy. "He will not be attracted to women who always nodded in agreement without any arguments themselves, or too willing to change the schedule of activities for the sake of dating him," Argov said.

By Argov, when a man can not 'read' her completely, he would put a greater interest. Men will be more tempted than when a woman who has been outspoken can be mastered. "Meet the woman who according seem unattractive to men," he said. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger ...