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Health Benefits of Masturbation for Women

Masturbation although many are considered only to vent his sexual pleasure alone, apparently masturbating save a lot of health benefits.
Although many people do not masturbate, this activity is not only done by men only, but also women. One thing to note, that does not make the agenda is to be a distraction. When able to control it, it never hurts to do so.
Sexologists and doctors believe that when women do masturbate, it's good to know that sexual behavior further, and the resulting effects.
During masturbation, sexual fluids from glands help increase circulation to the sex organs. Not surprisingly, some women prefer to masturbate to relieve their menstrual cramps.
More than 70 percent of women reported having had an orgasm during masturbation than real sex. Thus, it can mean that women have a better time with themselves than with men. Other health benefits of masturbation, which this activity can prevent infection of the cervix and urinary tract infections.
For men, masturbation helps get rid of their old sperm. After masturbation, long sperm are released so this bodes well for men as it can avoid the risk of prostate cancer.
In addition to medical benefits, masturbation has emotional and psychological benefits. Masturbation is known to improve mood and relieve stress. In addition, masturbation also helps increase the sexual relationship with yourself and your partner.