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The meaning of the personality of a mole on your face

Belief or not, moles do not just stick in our bodies for granted. For those who believe, where the mole has to do to a person's personality. Consider the location of the position of the mole on your face and look for the means below:

  1. Right temple: indicates that you are good at keeping a secret. For you, that you hold a secret never divulged to other parties.
  2. Left temple: You have a social life that is okay. Your heart sank easily see the suffering of others. I was so generous, sometimes you're willing to give you the bill only to others who are considered more needed.
  3. Right forehead: You are intelligent people hang out. In place in any social environment, you certainly are not going to be difficult. Another advantage, you personally are happy adventure.
  4. Left forehead: You are a typical thinker. Your brain, including watery. The motto of your life, no matter which there is no way to the outside.
  5. Right eyebrow: it has a lot of images of a person carrying the load. This kind of person prone to stress.
  6. Ailis left: indicates you are a selfish, selfish and often do not care about the troubles of others.
  7. Nose: You are well liked. You are also not a stingy person. You are fairly abundant sustenance.
  8. Right cheek: describe the personality of humble, helpful and not tegaan. Just be careful because many eventually take advantage of your kindness.
  9. The left cheek: you are a wasteful private. You are also known as a good-hearted, virtuous, and not arrogant.
  10. Upper lip and bottom right: clever you are arguing. Anyone who invites you to a shouting match, guaranteed will never win against you.
  11. The left upper lip: You are smart people hang out and easy to click with anyone.
  12. Lower lip left: well ... you are famous nag, yes. Just little things can make you 'sing' throughout the day.
  13. Chin right: describe the nature of loving. You are very suitable to maintain the animals or plants, because you're the type who can take care of with love.
  14. Chin left: the owner of a mole on the left chin mostly quiet personality, quiet and frugal in financial expenses.
  15. Right ear: You have known kemuaan hard. If it wants something, you will exert all the power and the maximum effort to get it.
  16. Left ear: whoa .. those who have a mole on this point are usually irritable and quick to temper exploded.